Success Stories

Women empowerment

Ms. Senaz , a Muslim woman of 30 years of age from Gaur Municipality, Rautahat is a member of the women group. Before joining the group, she could not give her introduction and lacked the confidence to speak in public forum. After attending the training provided by NMWWS to village level Muslim women groups and continuously taking part in regular meetings, she is no longer shy to speak in public. Senaz and other members of the group are now aware of their rights. These days, Senaz is working as a member of different networks in Rautahat district and frequently visits VDCs and DDC to discuss cases on violence against women and women's representation to use public resources.

Visit to ANC clinic

Thirteen years old Saban is from Kapilvastu district and she lives with her family of 7 members consisting of herself, mother, father, 2 little sisters, elder brother and his wife. Saban studies at local Madrasa Zyaul Islam, ward number 13 of Taulihawa municipality and also attends the weekly extra classes on "roll-out of the financial and social packages for Madrasa adolescents" supported by UNFPA-NMWWS since March 2015. Saban has learned about RH including the dangerous signs and symptoms during pregnancy and the necessity of 4 visits to anti-natal clinic. When her sister-in-law recently conceived, Saban suggested and accompanied her sister-in-law to Taulihawa district hospital for ANC check-up.

Stopping child marriage

I am Rijwan from Pipra Bhagwanpur VDC of Rautahat district. I study in class 9 and am a member of child club. My family is from middle class. There are 6 members in my family including myself, my parents, 2 little brothers and one little sister. My parents are talking about my marriage. My aunty Fatima is a member of women group formed by NMWWS. I wanted to study and as such requested Fatima aunty to convince my father to delay my marriage. Fatima aunty along with other members of the women groups came and informed my parents that it is illegal to marry children below 20 years of age. After listening to the program aired by local FM, we learned more about the social and health consequences of child marriage. Hence my parents decided to delay my marriage until I become 20 years old. Now I am happy that I can freely focus on my education.